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Creating A Functional Space

Recently I’ve been working on a project that has challenged me beyond the usual professional parameters.

A dear friend of my was diagnosed a few months ago with advanced breast cancer. It was, of course, a horrible shock for all of us, and the catalyst for many of us to start taking seriously the fact that we’re all in middle age and need to start caring for ourselves appropriately.

To protect my sweet friend’s privacy, I’ll refer to her here as Janette. She is a wonderful, selfless woman, always inspiring me and others in our group of friends to be kind without being a fool, to be fair without being harsh, and to be forgiving and capable of forgetting.

Janette is married to an equally lovely man, who has been an absolute rock throughout this entire ordeal. He approached me some weeks ago with a touching and thoughtful idea of how he could help his wife cope better with the long weeks ahead.

After reading up on a collection of recent research, Janette and her husband had concluded that it would improve her quality of life to start having regular massage treatments.

While they are under no impression that the cancer can be massaged away, they’re both absolutely sure that it’s vitally important for her to have a high quality of life towards the end of her time.

So he asked me to remodel a room in their home so that Janette doesn’t have to leave the house and making the tiring trip to the therapist every week. He ordered a beautiful, comfortable table from Massage World, and asked me to create the room around the table.

What a privilege to be able to do something soothing for my friends.

The table he bought was a warm cream color, so we painted the walls a soft yellow, and bought some little infusers to scent the room with healing essential oils. There’s a small window that let’s in beautiful natural light, and it is truly a welcoming, soothing space.

I plan to spend plenty of time there with Janette in the coming weeks, and to honor her with as much grace and fortitude as I can muster. Please forgive me if I don’t update the blog as often while this is going on. I want to make myself as available and useful as possible, but never fear – I’ll be in touch.