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Spotlight: Nina Campbell, Interior Design Extraordinaire

Nina Campbell. Such a beautiful, elegant woman, I don’t think I could have chosen a better representative for 21st Century interior design myself.

She got her start young, after having been told time and time again that she could never count on having job security. Her parents had moved house frequently, and she attributes much of her style to the warmth and welcoming feel her parents always instilled in a new home.

So despite having picked up a much-coveted fob at Colfax & Fowler – founded by two more illustrious figures in the interior design world, Sibyl Colfax and John Fowler – Nina decided that she was better off taking her style and nous and heading out into the world on her own.

As she built her business, Nina soon became associated with some of London society’s ‘creme de la creme.’

She oversaw the design and styling of the iconic Mark’s Club, and Annabel’s Private Members Club in London W1. Soon after, she opened her small shop on Pimlico Road so that she could start trading in luxurious goods, trinkets and pieces from around the world.

Nina got a strong business education from her parents, and has developed exemplary relationships with suppliers, contractors and other designers over the years.

Not only is she an icon of style in her own right, but she is a paragon of feminine entrepreneurship that we all stand to learn a tremendous amount from.

I’m honoured to have worked alongside Nina at this exciting time in the interiors industry, and I hope to keep learning from her for many years to come.